2 Days / 2 Nights Boot Camp for Women of Consequence

– In this candidly provocative workshop you will examine the choices, beliefs and attitudes that impact your career and quality of life. In a select group of successful women peers you will explore how to think, feel, and act your way towards greater recognition and deeper personal and professional satisfaction.

Here’re some of the subjects we will cover:

  • Learn how to influence everything and in all directions – including inward
  • Strengthen your autonomy, authority and personality despite challenging corporate and social realities
  •  Balance the yin-power of nurture, magnetism and ease with the yang-power of non-predatory assertiveness & command
  • Use new and powerful insights to achieve deep transformational shifts in your personal and professional life

WHEN: May 13 (evening arrival) to May 15, 2016
WHERE: Seminar Retreat, Catskills, New York

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